Independent development and management consultants to the oil and gas industry

Field Development Specialists (FDS) Ltd is an independent consultancy that provides field development planning and an integrated management service for the development and expansion of onshore and offshore oil and gas fields. We put in place and manage the resources and expertise needed to take a field from discovery to production start-up.

The Company
Our Method
Our approach
FDS was formed in February 2005 by our main director Simon Gorringe who has over 30 years’ experience in the downstream petrochemical, cryogenics and upstream oil and gas industries.

For the last 20 years Simon has been working in the oil and gas industry on UK North Sea and international field development projects.

The FDS Field Development Method hinges on adding value by early involvement. We know that the success of a development lies in the quality of the front end work. The FDS field development, tailoring solutions to find the optimum concept for a particular development.

We can then go on to deliver the project itself, with the advantage of understanding the business implications and being able to make informed decisions at all stages.

Our flexible approach allows us to integrate into your existing organization.

FDS manages the development with a small core team, supplemented by expert contract support as appropriate. We will adapt to your organization and foster strong, long term relationships.

Our independence allows us to represent your best interests at all times. FDS is independent from contractors and manufactures, allowing us to select the most facilities and equipment for your development.

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